B&W w/ Sydnee

I really liked how these photos turned out in black and white and I added a couple photos in color too. Thanks Sydnee for being such a pretty model!DSCN0967.jpgDSCN0966.jpgDSCN0970.jpgDSCN0987.jpgDSCN0969.jpgDSCN0972.jpgDSCN0991.jpgDSCN0990.jpgDSCN0963.jpgDSCN0962.jpgDSCN0993.jpgDSCN0961.jpgDSCN0994.jpgDSCN0965.jpgDSCN0973.jpgDSCN1002.jpg

Cassandra and her Super Fall-y Flannel

DSCN0894.jpgDSCN0913.jpgDSCN0905.jpgDSCN0919.jpgDSCN0915.jpgDSCN0898.jpgDSCN0909.jpgDSCN0908.jpgDSCN0927 (4).jpgDSCN0928.jpgDSCN0942.jpgDSCN0920.jpgDSCN0910.jpgDSCN0917.jpgDSCN0943.jpgDSCN0914.jpgDSCN0911.jpgDSCN0921.jpgDSCN0944.jpgDSCN0912.jpgDSCN0899.jpgDSCN0941.jpgDSCN0902.jpgDSCN0916.jpg


the scenery is so beautiful in the fall



this little guy wanted to join in on the shoot



Hi, my name is Taylor and I’m fairly new to photography but I love it and it’s a lot of fun. If you go to sunnytay.wordpress.com/services you can see what I offer in terms of photo shoots. My prices are all really cheap and the location is all up to you. Thanks for stopping by and hope you enjoy my gallery!DSCN0196